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Rock and Ruddle London

Baby Brush & Comb Double Ducks Curated Set

Baby Brush & Comb Double Ducks Curated Set

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This Curated Set is Discounted for Volume and Includes:

    • Baby Bristle Hairbrush DUCKS (approx 7 x 2") Extra Soft Baby Bristle: ideal for babies without hair or hair that isn't long enough to tangle. Also wonderful for extra sensitive child & adult scalps recovering from an excessive amount of hair loss.
    • Pocket Comb DUCKS (approx 5.25x1")

What Makes a Rock & Ruddle BABY Bristle Hairbrush So Special? Rock & Ruddle Baby Bristle hairbrushes are made with EXTRA SOFT natural boar bristles, which are renowned for caring for hair due to their structure being similar to human hair. Brushing a baby's scalp and hair daily helps to prevent cradle cap and encourages hair growth.

Caring for Your Rock & Ruddle Baby Bristle Hairbrush: Avoid direct heat on the bristles or submerging the whole brush in any liquid. If the bristle pad gets excessively wet, remove the bristle pad and allow it to air dry before replacing it. Whenever you feel it's needed, you can remove the bristle pad for thorough cleaning: First, remove all hair and as much lint as possible, using another comb or brush. Then, pop out the bristle pad by pinching opposite LONG sides of the bristle pad with your thumb and a finger. Swish the pad around in warm soapy water (NEVER SOAK, as this could loosen the bristles) for approximately 60 seconds. Rinse with cold water, shake off, then pat the bristle pad dry with a towel to soak up excess water. The pad should fully air dry before reinstalling it into the handle. To replace the bristle pad, squeeze the long sides again and insert it at the top of the handle first, then push it firmly back into place going all the way around the brush along the edges. 

Artwork © Clare Mackie

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