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Rock and Ruddle London

Beach Wave Comb

Beach Wave Comb

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Combs are an essential tool in styling and detangling hair. Rock & Ruddle offers a lovely collection to suit any hair type and personality. On this website, you can choose from a Wide Tooth Comb, a Pocket Comb (both of which come in several design choices) or our largest comb, the Beach Wave Comb.

Caring for Your Rock & Ruddle Shower Brush and Beach Wave Comb:  This comb is not intended to be used with heat, including hairdryers and extra hot water. To clean, simply remove hair by hand or with a second hair tool, then rinse off with water. To sanitize, an antibacterial soap can be added to the water.

Which Rock & Ruddle Comb should you choose? Here's a guide:

    • Beach Wave Comb (9.25 x 2.5") This comb is the perfect tool to create beautiful, bouncy beach waves with just the right amount of body and texture. For best results, style hair with a round barrel curling iron, then comb through curls top to bottom.
    • Wide Tooth Comb (6.75 x 2") Beautifully crafted with stunning designs, these combs detangle and comb through all hair types, smoothing styles without causing a loss of volume. 
    • Pocket Comb (5.25x 1") Our smallest styling tool is ideal for shorter hair, hiding away in a clutch, detailing fine hair or flyaways, or for use by children. There are several designs to choose from. 

Artwork © Clare Mackie

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