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Rock and Ruddle London

Shower Duo

Shower Duo

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STYLE WITH EASE & COMFORT: This Shower Power Brush & Beach Wave Comb combo set is ideal for use during and after the shower. Use the brush to evenly distribute your favorite conditioner or styling product throughout your hair. Follow up with the beach waves comb to create bouncy beach waves.

PAIN FREE DETANGLING: Wide, round teeth of the comb & soft bristles of the brush gently glide through hair easily to remove knots & tangles without pulling or tearing your hair. This gives you a smooth, silky finish while minimizing pain, breakage, frizz, and split ends.

PROMOTES HAIR GROWTH: Massages & stimulate the scalp with the shower brush. This massaging not only feels great, but it also soothes itchiness and promotes healthy hair growth. Works excellently on long, short, curly, wavy, & straight hair! It is perfect for men, women & kids.

DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN: Made with durable plastic, the brush & comb will withstand daily use. The brush is designed with convenient vents for fast drainage and easy cleaning.

PREMIUM QUALITY: A premium brush and comb set like no other, Rock & Ruddle brushes are made for everyday luxury and pampering.

The new Rock & Ruddle Shower Power Brush definitely lives up to its name. It was intentionally designed to gently detangle wet hair, both during a shower and after, as well as evenly distribute product for better hair health and more powerful styling results. Pro tip: Always detangle hair starting with the ends, then move a small section at a time toward the scalp. Size: 8 x 3.25" 

This Shower Duo Set is available in White or Black. Products are also sold separately.

    Caring for Your Rock & Ruddle Shower Power Brush & Beach Wave Comb: The Shower Power Brush and the Beach Wave Comb are not intended to be used with heat, including hairdryers or extra hot water. To clean, simply remove hair from the brush or comb by hand, then rinse off with water. To sanitize, an antibacterial soap can be added to the water.

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